Wild Canyon’s Kingdom

Pet and Learn!

If you like animals and you would like to spend a full day interacting with exotic species from around the world, then you will not want to leave Wild Canyon´s Kingdom!! Come and look around the area we’ve created to be home, sweet home of the animals that we have rescued.

Iguanas, love-birds, prairie dogs, macaws and many more friends are awaiting for you to spend an amazing day, full of adventures!  You are going to be able to pet them, feed them and create and an unforgettable bond with all the creatures that live here, as well as you are going to learn a lot about them. Also, as adrenaline is synonym of Wild Canyon, break all taboos and don’t leave without your photo with the crocodile!

Animal Care Committee

This committee, formed by a group of professional guides, trainers and biologists, is in charge of assistance and the well being of all our non-human friends. This committees program includes supervising health, diets and recreational activities of all animals under our care giving them a life quality that exceeds all wild environments. Education is another important activity for this committee, through the interaction with the species we make people learn to respect and take care of animals and the ecosystems so that we can help reducing our ecological prints.
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General Information

  • Times: 09:00 am, 12:00 pm y 03:00 pm
  • Duration: 4 hours approximately with transportation included.

What’s included?

  • Highly qualified, bilingual biologist to guide you.
  • Water bottle.
  • Access to the entomological boxes area.
  • Food samples to feed the animals.
  • Access to all the interaction stations.
  • Free lockers ($5 US deposit, returned at exit).
  • Round-trip transportation from your hotel if you’re staying in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo or along the Tourist Corridor. You’ll receive your pick-up time as part of your confirmation within 24 hours of your booking.

Physical requirements

  • Fit for all ages!


  • With your safety in mind, the use of cameras is not permitted. Our professional photographers will be there to capture your adventure at all times.
  • Bring cash, credit or debit card for souvenirs, food and other services not included.
  • Bring comfortable clothes and closed shoes preferably.
  • Bring hat or cap and sunglasses.
  • We strongly recommend use of biodegradable sunscreen.
Price: $60 USD


Are You Ready for the Ride of Your Life?


How we keep you safe for the ride of your life?

Because you are our top priority, we are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure you’re completely safe, while having a fantastic time.


Interactive Stations

The interactive installations in Wild  Canyon’s Kingdom have been built ensuring that all safety measures are being followed and using top quality materials that meet the strict safety standards for employment with wildlife.

Stress Free Environment.

Our biologist take special attention to all our non-human friends needs. We keep special routines and diets that make our animals comfortable and in good health.

Ecological Footprint

At Wild Canyon we use only the best quality equipment certified according to international standards. We are also aware of the ecological conditions worldwide and we use eco-friendly technologies and materials whenever possible. We love to recycle, reduce and reuse too!

Customer Service Guarantees:

  • All guides and biologists are 100% bilingual (English/Spanish).
  • All biologists are experienced in their areas.
  • All guides have undergone at least 2 months of intensive training and are certified by industry professionals.

Daily Security Checks

• Daily equipment and installation inspections by at least four people.
• Animal psychological and physical health diagnosis.
• Ongoing training program.