Cabos Marketplace and the Childens Day Holiday in Mexico

As some of you know the Children´s Day is meant to promote fraternity, understanding and wellness towards children worldwide as well to further develop children’s rights. Many countries established this day in a date that was more convenient for them before the United Nations approved the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. Therefore this day is celebrated in many ways and on different dates worldwide even though the official date is on October 1st. In Mexico we celebrate it on April 30 and is custom that parents give presents to their children, many non-profits fund-raise to bring entertainment to the children that most need it and on many schools special activities are planned.

Cabos Marketplace is a monthly bilingual publication for Los Cabos local community, it focuses on promoting and supporting local businesses. To join this celebration is publishing in their next issue a special edition with many of the activities specially recommended for children here in Los Cabos. And guess what? We have been featured in their cover! Their young model, Tamara Mohar, was captured playing with Sahara and Gaga, our youngest camels. We leave the photos below.

If you are interested in supporting children’s rights and well-being don’t forget to check out Children International and Los Cabos Children Foundation.

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