Dolphin Experiences in Los Cabos

Dolphin Experiences in Los Cabos

One of the most exciting and fulfilling activities that you cannot miss out on when traveling to Los Cabos is playing and interacting with dolphins.

These friendly and intelligent mammals have excellent sensitivity and an understanding of human communication, which is why it is easy for them to connect with humans very deeply. This instantly generates beneficial endorphins for anyone, thus becoming one of the best experiences you have to live!


When interacting with these fascinating species, you will experience a variety of educational, interactive, and fun dolphin encounters for the whole family. You’ll explore and learn about the physiology, anatomy, and life of dolphins. You’ll get the chance to enjoy their fantastic acrobatics in and out of the water and have an unforgettable experience on your vacation in Los Cabos. 

Tour operators in Los Cabos seek to ensure the marine life centers are always in the best conditions. They seek to provide all the necessary care and protocol to preserve this amazing species.


At Wild Canyon, we offer activities that are integrated into the ecosystem, all while maintaining it and respecting the habitat. Since the great outdoors provides so much to us we are always concerned about preserving the flora and fauna we are honored to receive and be surrounded by.  We also believe in being curious and adventurous of the geographical characteristics Los Cabos has, sharing what we love with you. That is why we create a space and invite you to share these friendly experiences with nature now and for many years to come. 

Surprise yourself with the exotic marine life of Los Cabos, with its coral reefs, and its variety of flora and fauna in its natural environment. Although we do not provide one on one dolphin tours, you can certainly seek to adventure on the sailing excursion known as, The Pursuit Of Cortez, in which you can experience Los Cabos in a very unique way. It is perfect for enjoying with the family as it includes a range of activities for adults and children, such as snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, a premium open bar, snacks, lunch, and even Jet Ski Activities for the most adventurers.

In addition, with a bit of luck, you will spot dolphins and experience the moment in their natural habitat. Charming you with their unique charisma and curiosity for humans, they perform jumps and synchronized swimming near the sailboat. We are sure this will be a memorable trip.

We invite you to view some fantastic videos of this experience.

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From November to March is whale season, when gray and humpback whales visit our waters to give birth to their long waited calves, and from our private sailboat, you can enjoy this natural event. In summary, you will know why Los Cabos is called the world’s aquarium.


Whether you’re looking for a fantastic morning sailing experience with the family or a trip to enjoy the sunset, adventure, or relaxing time at sea, The Pursuit of Cortez is the exclusive and unique sailing experience in Los Cabos, perfect for you.


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