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Buy Pre-Visit Photo Pack

Save money pre-ordering online your photos, the price is per activity per person, prices vary from in-park and after-visit on-line purchases.

ATTENTION: Cameras and cell phones are not allowed during the course of your experience for your safety. Avoid accidents. Our photographers are professionals; They will take care of capturing your best moments during your visit.

After Visit Photo Package

Buy After-Visit Photo Pack

A photo says more than a thousand words, do not miss out on the opportunity to buy your photos, Buy them Now!

ATTENTION: This purchase does not include a preview of the photographs, and the price is for all the photos available during your experience.

Retrieve Photos

Retrieve Photos

You bought your photos but on the way home they got lost? Don’t worry, you can get them back!
Send us your ticket number via Facebook Messenger and retrieve them at no cost.

You don’t have a ticket number? This purchase number is very important; in case you don’t have it you should buy them again. Go to the After Visit Photo Package section