Park Entrance Fee


Park Entrance Fee

$ 25


Avoid unexpected charges and arrive at the park ready for fun! Add general admission access to your reservation.

What is the park entrance fee ?

The park entrance fee is an additional conservation charge that allows for maintaining and caring for more than 600 protected natural hectares of land.

That includes the entire areas as:
– The Oasis, Dry Creek, Desert, and El Tule beach.

Every month we clean, rescue, and recondition brigades of areas for the conservation of flora and fauna.

Also, thanks to this fee, Wild Canyon can continue helping to rescue, adopt, and preserve different animal species to ensure their quality of life.

For Example:

– Wild Animals that were taken outside of their habitats by humans.
– Wild Animals that other wild animals injured in the area.
– Food and Health Care Attention.

Thanks for your contribution!


– This fee is mandatory for everyone that visits the park, with or without activity.
– The price of this fee is the same for adults and kids.
– This fee is per person.
– By purchasing this product, you agree to read and understand the information presented here.
– This access pass is non-refundable.
– On Park Pass Experience, this fee is included in the price.

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