After establishing our relief fund for Lalo, Moni and Miguel, who lost their houses during hurricane Odile, we received generous donations from many people who wished to help. Up to date we received an amount that would translate into about $30,000 pesos in total. We went shopping for the materials needed to rebuild their homes, join us in this exiting journey.


To honour all who donated to our cause, our Wild Canyon Heroes, we built this totem with their names. This totem was built with debris recovered from the destroyed buildings at the park during the hurricane.


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As probably you already know  on September 14th, 2014  Odile hit Los Cabos as a hurricane category 4 wreaking havoc. Many business and houses were heavily damaged and other completely destroyed but thanks to the help and support of the local and international community Los Cabos has been able to recover faster than expected.

[heading subtitle=”Hurricane Relief Fund”]The WIld Canyon Heroes [/heading]

Our park also suffered heavy damage and a few of our staff members lost their homes during the storm. We have established a relief fund to help them rebuild their homes and get back on their feet, you can meet the people that is going to be benefited with this relief program below. If you would like to make a donation please check out campaign.



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