6 Hours
Activity Level
5+ Years
Min. Age
Good for it


Finally!! The maximum experience in Baja, pay one price and enjoy the best adventures in one day. You don’t have to choose anymore; do everything in your preferred order. We have activities that are ideal for families and also ones that will challenge your courage. Don’t give it more thought; you’re in Cabo and have to live it!

Ticket Type:

Adults: + 11 years old | Kids: 8- 10  years old





Horse Ride



KINGDOM 2021 14

Hanging Bridge









Kingdom Wather Zone


IMPORTANT: Limited one time per activity, per participant



Camel Ride

Juan Pablo




IMPORTANT: One chance to jump either bungee or swing

Bungee Jump




– OR – 

Giant Swing


Consider each activity has its own physical requirements; We invite you to consult our section Physical Requirements


Add Motorized Insurance 

To drive is mandatory pay a motorized insurance per vehicle; safe money and time during your vacations

$44.00Add to cart

Legal Age

To drive is mandatory have legal age (+18year old ) and a valid driving license


Start: 9:00AM
Ends: 3:00 PM

Departure from the park: 3:40 pm

Welcome Brochure

Download our Welcome Brochure and start planning your visit.


Drive a CAN-AM ATV 

Boost your experience driving a  CAN-AM OUTLANDER 45o, during your Park Pass.

Vehicle capacity:  up to 2  people

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Drive a Maveric CAN-AM

Boost your experience driving a Maverick CAN-AM during your Park Pass.

Vehicle capacity:  up to 2 people

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Add a Meal Plan 

Choose an item from our menu and one soda or draft beer.

You’ll save at least $5 USD!
One package per person.

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Add Photo Package 


The package is for up to 2 people
Extra-person $25USD

See terms & conditions

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  • To Drive a vehicle; The pilot must present a valid driver’s license and have more than 18 years old.
  • For your safety and that of your baby, pregnant women are not allowed to participate.
  • We recommended you have previous experience in extreme outdoor activities.
  • People with heart, back, neck, visual, motor, or respiratory impairment or limited mobility problems, as well as those with vertigo, fear of heights, and osteoporosis, will not be allowed to participate in this activity.
  • We will be monitoring your temperature before boarding transportation, which must be less than 37.5 ºC / 99.50ºF to access the shuttle van.
  • Fit enough to walk about 45 minutes in intervals of 5 – 20 minutes on varied terrain.
  • If for something the guide of your activity does not consider that you carry out the activity for any logical circumstance, we ask you to collaborate to stay safe.
  • We have minimum and maximum weights and ages to participate per activity; Please check our table of Weights & Ages per activity before booking
  • We recommend you come with your bathing suit under your comfortable clothes, closed and sports shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cap. Don’t forget your towel. In winter bring a sweatshirt or jacket.
  • If you want to drive motorized vehicles, you will be asked to show your driver’s license and have legal age.
  • About Collision insurance: We recommend purchasing them so that you can enjoy your tours without stress.
  • We invite you to bring your own water bottle; be part of our Ecological movement. Otherwise, you will find water bottles for sale in the park.
  • We remind you that to get on our transportation, the use of face masks is required. Our vans will have some for sale if you need them.
  • Due to government requirements and to mitigate risks, we will be monitoring your temperature and perhaps a mini-survey.
  • Don’t forget to bring cash or some method of payment; we have a souvenir shop, photographic center, rental of action equipment, and a restaurant.
  • Pay attention and follow the instructions all the time to avoid accidents.
  • With your safety in mind, the use of cameras is not permitted. Our professional photographers will be there to capture your adventure at all times.
  • Bring cash, credit, or debit card for souvenirs, food, and other services not included.
  • Bring comfortable clothes and closed shoes preferably.
  • Bring a hat or cap and sunglasses.
  • We strongly recommend the use of biodegradable sunscreen.
  • It is very important to focus during your activity and avoid accidents. The use of cell phones is not allowed during the experience.
  • ATTENTION: Accidents caused by the use of mobile devices during the course of the activity or while driving, will not be covered by accident insurance and the customer must pay for all the expenses.
  • Changes:
    • No changes are permitted. Activities may be modified due to weather conditions. We reserve the right to change schedules without prior notice. No refunds can be made.

    Cancellation Policy:

    • Cancellations and refunds will not be able to apply for those who being at the park decided not to do the activity.
    • You may cancel your tour 72 hours in advance of the activity date for a refund, after this date any cancellation will be subject to 100% non-refundable fee.
    • For cancellations: Please call Eko Park Los Cabos / Wild Canyon. 624-144-4433 or write to info@wildcanyon.com.mx for questions or to cancel the tour to avoid full charges. You must obtain a cancellation number. Eko Park Los Cabos / Wild Canyon won’t refund if for some reason in the park you decide not to do the activity. More information in our Terms and Conditions.

Availability: Monday to Sunday

Arrivals Times from:

9:00  | Cabo San Lucas or San José del Cabo

  • Riding Time per experience: 30 – 45 min approximately.
  • Duration: 6 hours approximately + 1 hours with roundtrip shuttle transportation
  • Pick-up time depends on your hotel location.

Departures from park to:

15:40 | Cabo San Lucas

  • Schedules posted at check-in upon your arrival to the park.
  • During low season drop-offs maybe 20 after.
For better planning of your day, consider up to 6 hours of visit to the park.


  • 2.5  hours approximate  (45 min per activity):  Camel ride, ATV’s and RZR’s 
  • 1 hour to do Swing or Bungee Jump
  • 1 hour unlimited ziplines (Only 3 lines)
  • 1 hour unlimited Animal Sanctuary, horse ride, bikes, wagoona, and hiking
  • 25 min of free time in the park  (souvenirs and restaurant)
  • 1 Hour Free Shuttle round trip: hotel – park – hotel
NOTE: Times may vary according to next conditions: weather, season, participant experience, or others.

Free Shuttle Transportation Information: 

  • Pick-up time depends on your hotel location. Find here your pick up time
  • Transport is group transportation, so we will pick up other people before arriving in the park for the tour.
  • Free round-trip transportation is available by purchasing your activity.
  • Transportation with established schedules of return.
  • Transportation is collective and makes continuous stops at different hotels.
  • Do you want to return to the hotel once your activity is over? You can request an UBER or Private Taxi; they have access to the park;
    Wild Canyon is not responsible for these services or their rates.