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8+ Years
Kids Min. Age
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Snuba Los Cabos

Snuba Los Cabos: Come on down! Discover the undersea beauty of the Sea of Cortez—without being a certified diver. SNUBA® gives you the ease of snorkeling plus the ability to breathe underwater, without cumbersome scuba equipment.

Many sea creatures just don’t come up to the surface within easy sight of a surface snorkeler. You don’t have to dive deep—even the easy 10, 20 or 30 feet down you can go with SNUBA® gives you a perspective you can’t imagine from sea level.

Every day is different under the sea. One day you might see butterfly fish and angelfish nibbling at coral heads. Another day a hawkfish might be spying at you from a shady hideout. It takes a good eye to spot an octopus, but moray eels are easy to recognize. You could see rays grazing on mollusks in the sandy sea floor. Or garden eels sticking their necks out. A big school of jacks or scads might blow by like the undersea weather.

Follow a crunching sound to behold a turquoise parrotfish. Look closely for the little things, too – you could spy the brilliant finery of a little sea slug flipping by. Whatever you see today, it’ll be different tomorrow!

What´s Included?

Highly qualified, bilingual guides and crew.
Training and Induction.
Use of professional equipment.
Soft drinks and bottled water.

The way SNUBA® works is simple: instead of carrying your air supply on your back, you breathe through a long hose connected to a tank at the surface. You can’t go any deeper than the hose allows, so there’s no worry about getting “the bends” and other concerns that scuba divers deal with.

You wear a mask and flippers the same as for snorkeling. After about 15 minutes’ training session, you follow your Cabo Expeditions guide to encounter amazing tropical marine life. Total time underwater is about 30 minutes. Afterward, enjoy refreshments and if time allows, use our regular snorkeling equipment or relax on the beach.

This is one of those things to do in Cabo that you don’t want to miss. Our private platform is located in a sheltered area just minutes from the pier.


Child prices 50% OFF. Apply to children ages 5-10.

Children 11 years old or more are considered paying adults.

  • Minimum age: 8 years old.
  • Great for beginners and those with no prior diving experience.
  • You need basic swimming skills to fully enjoy the tour.

Morning Tour

  • Duration: 2 hours approximately
  • Departure location – You will check-in and depart directly from our reservations office located at Plaza de la Danza along the main boulevard by the marina, and next to Dairy Queen.
  • Group size:  We require a minimum of 2 persons to run the tour and we can accommodate up to 12 persons at a time.
  • For their own safety, pregnant women and people with heart, back or neck problems, as well as those with vertigo or osteoporosis won’t be allowed to participate in this activity.
snuba los cabos

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