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Los Cabos Canyon Bridge is the longest wooden pedestrian and ATV hanging bridge in the world! It is not only a landmark of Los Cabos and the Baja California state; it can be called without doubt an engineering wonder.

The Cabos Canyon Bridge is 1,082.67 feet long, 6.56 feet wide and it stands at 164.04 feet above ground in its lowest point. We made it in about two years with Mexican technology exclusively developed in collaboration with MAM Geotecnia (Mexicana de Anclas Mineras) and Best Engineering Firm but the construction itself was made in a time record of four weeks! Its #5, 2″ Swedish steel cables can make The Cabos Canyon Bridge able to hold up to 300 persons or 50 ATV’s simultaneously.

Crossing the bridge is totally a new experience. It gives you a new perspective of our spectacular glass bottom gondola and the brave bungee bombers who jump right in front of you, the trajectory of the Sling Swing as it falls, the riders of the Big Ocho, our longest zip-line, which passes just 3 feet away! To complete the ride of your life you cannot miss the opportunity of riding an ATV through this amazing landmark and find the red-tail hawk nest that has three generations in the other side of our canyon.

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