Feeling Brave?

Step up into the glass bottom Gondola!

Wild Canyon is an adventure park located in the tourist corridor of Cabo San Lucas – San José del Cabo where you will find many activities and extreme sports. Within its 115 hectares you will find the zip-lining largest circuit in Baja! We also have “La Gondola” a funicular unique in its style with glass floors where you marvel with this amazing view. You will be amazed by this 18 ton engineering wonder with a capacity of 15 persons. La Gondola can withstand almost 140 tons sustained by its four steel cables of 35 tons each.

Having travelled the world, we have researched the best methods, equipment and techniques. Now after over 15 years, and plenty of money invested working with Best engineering firm, we have perfected our attractions to be able to offer you a unique experience, trustful and very safe. In addition, due to our environment conservation policies, we have designed all our activities so that they blend with the ecosystem without disturbing it while taking advantage of their geographical characteristics and thus preserve its flora and fauna.

Explore the natural wonders of Mexico with Wild Canyon, Eko Park and our team that goes from the most influential tourism developers in Baja California down to the most internationally renown engineering firm and dolphinarium. We have created just the correct relationships with our allies and strategic partners making sure that we can always offer the best experience possible to all of our guests. Wild Canyon opens its doors as the second ecological park from the Eko Park family following the idea of living an unforgettable adventure practicing extreme activities while coexisting with nature as you can do daily in the first Eko Park, Tapalpa.

Are You Ready for the Ride of Your Life?

We go to extraordinary lengths to make sure you’re completely safe while having a fantastic time.

At Wild Canyon, we use only the best quality equipment certified according to international standards.

All guides have undergone at least 2 months of intensive training and are certified by industry professionals.

Daily equipment and vehicle checks and ongoing maintenance program.

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