Motorized Insurance – UTV SINGLE & DOUBLE

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Motorized Insurance – UTV SINGLE & DOUBLE

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A safe trip is a fun trip! Add a Vehicle damage insurance

Purchasing this product, you agree to have read and understood the information presented here and the Terms and Conditions; By purchasing this insurance, you understand that it is non-refundable.


UTV Single or Double

  • Insurance Value: $14,000.00 USD
  • Price:$49USD
  • Coverage: Deductible of 5% of the value of the vehicle, Insurance covers damages from $ 701.00USD to the total value of $14,000.00USD
  • Insurance limitations:
    – Any damage equal to or less than USD $ 7000.00 is considered NON-DEDUCTIBLE and must be covered by the participant
    – Damage caused by the improper use of cell phones or multimedia equipment, the insurance is completely canceled and the total amount of damage on the site must be covered


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