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Rent 30 min or 60 min our fun and powerful jetski for up to 2 people at our beach shack on El Bledito beach.

Jet Ski capacity:  up to 2 people.

Rental Options:

30 min $120 USD| 60 min : $180 USD


  • Jet Ski & safety cord Life.
  • Jacket Radio helmets.
  • professional instruction.
  • Experienced guides.
  • Collision Insurance.


  • Use biodegradable sunscreen at all times
  • We recommend a full swimsuit that does not limit mobility
  • We recommend bringing a towel and a change of clothes.
  • In the winter season, we recommend full bathing suits or neoprene.

Physical Requirements

  • Tour NOT recommended for people with neck, back, limited mobility, fear of water, or heart problems.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate for the safety of you and your baby.
  • To participate in water activities, snorkeling, paddling, or similar, etc. It is important to have previous swimming experience.

ATTENTION:  This item does not include transportation; you can add round-trip transportation with additional cost.

*Read the Terms& Conditions About this service

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Why Choose Us

Enjoy the Cortez Sea since our beach shack at El Bledito Beach 

Quality Equipment
Our security equipments and human talent are certified to do outdoor activities,

Quality Experts
We are professionals endorsed by IAAPA and FCCA and experience leaders in Carnival Cruise Ship and TripAdvisor

  • We recommend you wear your bathing suit under your comfortable clothes, closed and sports shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cap. In winter, bring a sweatshirt or jacket. Don’t forget your towel.
  • If you going to drive motorized vehicles, you will be asked to show your driver’s license and have legal age.
  • About Collision insurance: We recommend purchasing them to enjoy your tours without stress.
  • We invite you to bring your water bottle; be part of our Ecological movement.
  • Pay attention and follow the instructions all the time to avoid accidents.
  • With your safety in mind, the use of cameras is not permitted. Our professional photographers will be there to capture your adventure at all times.
  • Bring cash, credit, or debit card for souvenirs, food, and other services not included.
  • Bring comfortable clothes and closed shoes, preferably.
  • Bring a hat or cap and sunglasses.
  • We strongly recommend the use of biodegradable sunscreen.
  • It is very important to focus during your activity and avoid accidents. The use of cell phones is not allowed during the experience.

ATTENTION: Accidents caused by using mobile devices during the activity or while driving will not be covered by accident insurance, and the customer must pay for all the expenses.


  • No changes are permitted. Activities may be modified due to weather conditions. We reserve the right to change schedules without prior notice. No refunds can be made.

Cancellation Policy:

    • Cancellations and refunds will not be able to apply for those who are at the venue and decided not to do the activity.
    • You may cancel your tour 72 hours in advance of the activity date for a refund; after this date, any cancellation will be subject to a 100% non-refundable fee.
    • For cancellations: Please call Eko Park Los Cabos / Wild Canyon. You must obtain a cancellation number. 624-144-4433 or write to for questions or to cancel the tour to avoid full charges. Eko Park Los Cabos / Wild Canyon won’t refund if, for some reason, you decide not to do the activity in the park. More information is in our Terms and Conditions.