Keys to Enjoying Cabo Family Vacation

Keys to Enjoying Cabo Family Vacation

Ready for an adventure of a lifetime with your family in Los Cabos?

When organizing your Cabo family vacation, it is important to keep in mind the fundamental questions concerning geographic location, the climate, where you will be staying, and all the activities you would like to do while visiting this beautiful place in Baja California Sur. 

Los Cabos is considered one of Mexico’s most important and attractive tourist destinations. Here, our visitors can find a great mix of diverse landscapes: desert, paradise beaches, and mountainous areas. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are also known as “the tip of the earth,” surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez (California Gulf) with no further habitat destination thereafter for hundreds of miles. 

Accompanying these breathtaking coasts, there is a mountain range called Sierra de la Giganta, which was originally a volcano and is presently 600 meters high.

Here are a few tips to consider for your Cabo family vacation:

• Key One

Define which time of year is ideal for visiting.

This will impact several important factors, such as the weather and how busy the tourist season will be (low, medium, or high).

  • The seas are warm from June to August, and the air temperatures are between 23ºC and 34ºC.
    This season is great to take advantage of diving into a water park or to get fresh air outdoors doing an adrenaline-packed activity.
  • From November to February in Los Cabos, the temperature is from about 16ºC to 27ºC.
    Many whale species (the grey, blue, and humpback) arrive here to the calming Sea of Cortez waters, where they mate, give birth, and take care of their babies during these winter months.
• Key Two

Choose where you will stay.

Before deciding what type of lodging is preferred (private, shared, or all-inclusive) during your Cabo family vacation, first, we must ask ourselves these questions:

– “Would I like to have an ocean view, or do I prefer an urban location?”

– “Which beaches are apt for swimming?”

Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have different places to visit and explore.

• Cabo San Lucas has the best paradise, swimmable and refreshing beaches.
  • Playa del Amor.
  • Playa Medano.
  • Playa Santa María.
• San Jose del Cabo offers the best artistic and gastronomic activities in the region:
  • Organic Market.
  • Historical Downtown.
  • Art Walk.

• Knowing the needs and interests of the whole family, we ask ourselves next, “Where should we stay?”

Hotels in Los Cabos are considered high quality and rated among the best in Mexico. Here you can choose from great and prestigious national and international hotel chains. You can count on private beaches with the best ocean view, spas, fine-dining restaurants, gyms, gulf courses, exotic gardens, nightclubs, shows, and more.

There are also options to rent apartments and condos through Airbnb, where visitors have access to a kitchen, and even some places include breakfast. These rented houses or apartments may be shared living spaces with a Los Cabos local or a private space just for you to be with your family.

Examples (nightly rates in USD):

For 4 people: 2 adults and 2 children by tourist Season

• High: $60 to $100
• Medium: $45 to $73
• Low: $31 to $69
• Ranges between $200 and $1,200.
• The range depends on the season, location, and resort type.
• Key Three

Explore safe and fun activities.

Traveling as a family makes it very important for your children to have space and a great time.

Planning activities and experiences with anticipation and knowing what each activity includes will help guarantee that your children are safe and have the necessary protection while having fun. It is best to make reservations in advance, especially if you are visiting during high tourist season so that you won’t miss out on that experience of a lifetime.

Going to an adventure park is excellent for your Cabo family vacation.

Wild Canyon

This unique adventure park in Los Cabos is strategically located between CSL and SJC; best of all, transportation is available for all guests in either direction.

Activities have been designed using eco-conservation policies so that the park’s ecosystem is not compromised in any way. Here, guests are able to enjoy this geographic location with its complete flora and fauna.

Wild Canyon opened its doors as the second park of the Eko Park family. It creates activities based on the belief that living an unforgettable adventure is experiencing extreme activities in nature.

You can enjoy all these activities:

Their TOP experience is the Park Pass; with this experience, you would live many activities in one place, one day, and the best part, at just one price. 

Do you want to know more about Park Pass?

• Also, you can enjoy: 


You can take a dip to cool off and refresh on the water slides at this fantastic place. You can count on security posts, non-slip flooring, and a 40cm deep pool for your safety. This is the greatest way to spend time with your whole family.

Kingdom Experience

If you like animals and want to spend a day interacting with exotic species from around the world, Wild Canyon’s Animal Sanctuary is the perfect tour for you! An animal care committee that is made up of guides, trainers, and biologists is always looking out for the best interest of our animal friends. While interacting with these species, guests are taught how to care for and respect these animals and the eco-systems in which they live.

The Canyon Bridge

Here you can cross the world’s longest pedestrian and ATV/UTV wooden bridge! This isn’t just a landmark for Los Cabos and Baja California, but without a doubt can also be called an engineering wonder. Crossing over this bridge is a totally new experience!

Cabo family vacation ideas for activities outside of the park:

Pursuit of Cortez

This sailboat trip in Cabo is one of a kind. It is a unique boating tour that leaves from San Jose del Cabo marina. Here you have the opportunity to experience navigating through our waters. This activity includes a premium open bar with available sodas and a delicious meal.

Wild Bay | Los Cabos

Now, you can live new adventures in a new location at the beach. Wild Bay is located at Cabo Real beach, near the best hotels in Los Cabos; you can participate in many different beach and water activities such as Jet sky, Surf, SUP, Snorkel, and more.

Ready for an adventure of a lifetime with your family in Los Cabos?


Capri Parker
We had the BEST time at the park today. All the guides are knowledgeable and fun. It's a MUST go if you are in Cabo. Also spectacular views all around you.

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